Painting Tahoe in Oil with a palette knife - Saturday 8/19


Painting Tahoe in Oil with a palette knife - Saturday 8/19


Painting Tahoe in Oil with a Palette Knife

Saturday, August 19

1pm - 4:30pm

All Supplies will be provided


If you have your own oil painting supplies to bring to the class the price is just $45. 

Please ask for the supply list and you can pay on day of class for this discounted price. 

This class has a 4 person minimum

Monika will teach how to paint the gorgeous depth and colors of Lake Tahoe water and boulders. 

She will go over color mixing, determining values and how to apply paint with a palette knife. In this workshop you will learn how to paint the effect of light, shadow, distance and contrast. We will spent time on creating an interesting composition and done oil painting fundamentals. 

All levels of painting experience including beginners are welcome 

Minimum 4 people maximum 8 people 


All Supplies will be provided

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Supply list for Plein Air Workshop

Paints: Oil Paints, Water soluble oils. 

Must have:

White (big tube)

Cad Red 

Alizarin Crimson

Cad yellow medium 

Ultramarine Blue

Cerulean Blue or Manganese Blue

Sap Green


Nice to have:

Burnt Sienna

Viridian Green or Phthalo Green

Raw Umber or Burnt Umber

Naples Yellow

Yellow ochre

Dioxazine Purple


Brushes:  a mix of filbert and bright brushes. 4, 6, 8, 10

Canvases: stretched or panels. 8 x 10, 9 x 12, 11 x 14, 12 x 16 are good sizes for in the field.


A way to transport you wet Paintings. Pizza box or a wet panel carrier.

Turpentine: the odorless stuff (gamsol or turpenoid)

Medium: liquin or solvent free gel by gamblin. (optional) some people don’t paint with medium. 

Two small jars with lids, one for paint thinner and the other one for your medium. 

Hat to protect face, sunscreen, a folding camp chair if you want to sit. 

Umbrella is optional…make sure you get one that is good in the wind.

You’ll need to windproof yourself too, even if it is not windy. 

Water bottle, snacks.

Portable easel for the field

a small trash bag

paper towels and baby wipes

palette knifes (flexible type) for mixing and or painting

Backpack or large tote for carrying supplies into the field (tackle box also works good to organize and carry supplies). 

Palette to put paint on

masking tape to tape your palette down if its windy

small sketchbook and pencil for sketching

Let’s have fun!